Chris Strokes, John Strong, Mark Wood, Sheena Shaw | Ass Worship 14

Sheena Shaw does double anal. What a woman!

Like how used my asshole looks?

Like how used my asshole looks?

Positive changes!

I haven’t been that active for a while, and thinking of posting A SHIT LOAD of images again. Also i noticed i have over 5000 followers!!! Thank you guys for following, it really motivates me to post here again!

Ladies, be proud to be a butthole girl! We LOVE it!


Anal cumfarts! So nasty, you got to love it.

Don’t let a drop go to waste

Anal kisses


feistypair asked:

U have an amazing blog! Gaping is probably my favorite fetish! If u were close we could gape my lady together :) would be a nice present for her


You have an amazing blog! Gaping is one of my favorites too! I think your lady would have the time of her life when we play with her butthole.

Anal enema, pretty hot if girl is willing to get that nasty. Butthole love!

Anal fisting by the fire on the beach. Allways good entertainment.

How about perfect ass for today? Little butthole too?