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Hey man, what’s up?


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The name of the sexy redhead with the tattoo on her butthole ( i just melted ) is called Missfetish... Happy hunting!!



Hahahahah made me laugh so hard.



If any of my followers can divulge the name of this sexy redhead, I would really appreciate it!

I’ll have some of that! On On

Oh damn. Who is this?

This girl is known as Missfetish… You can find her for sure, happy hunting!

Pornography is interfering

Hello my dear followers! 

I’ve not posted anything in a very long time and it’s nice to see people still visit my blog and keep asking me questions! I haven’t been posting anymore content since i found out that pornography is interfering with my personal life… More specific my penis & brain.

I used to think that all this porn wouldn’t be affecting me in any way, but if i look at the last couple of years of me watching pornography it has become clear that it has gone from innocent to extreme content. Everytime a step further. It almost scares me that i really didn’t notice over time.

These have primarily been my fetishes over the course of maybe 8 years, starting out with:

Blowjobs & Deepthroat
Normal vaginal ( didn’t like anal at ALL! )
Anything public 
Long Nails
Anal ( including nasty stuff, enema, cumfarts, big dildo’s, pushing buttholes, creaming buttholes, big gapes, double anal, winking )
Anal ( extreme stuff, prolapsing, speculums, ( stuff hotkinkyjo, everythingbutt, roxy raye, dirtygardengirl makes )

Now i’m at a point were i’m starting to like tranny assholes too! ( Believe me i’m straight ). I hate when a tranny fucks a guy or when the dude sucks the trannies dick… But i do like looking at the trannies butthole. My anal fetish has gone so deep ( pun intended ) that i don’t care anymore that there is a huge mumbojumbo hanging there too.

As i am now 25 i recently discovered i couln’t get hard off of normal sex (lost my virginity recently ( i know, i’m very late ). But although me wanting to bang the girl i like hard, i couln’t get hard.

So i went online and found a website about guys experiencing the same thing, it’s called yourbrainonporn.com. Here i found out why i was starting to like the stuff that i was searching for and why there was a new fetish being created and why it had to be more “extreme” every time. 

Long story short, your brain and dick need more and more stimuli to get the same satisfaction (orgasm) as you watch more porn. You go from innocent to extreme content. I used to get hard just thinking of ass, until a couple of weeks ago i needed porn & masturbation to get hard. Without porn i was using a “death grip” on my dick to make myself orgasm.

So now i’m on a porn stop, and it’s hard. I am now on a full masturbation stop and no-porn policy. It’s hard because the brain wants to re-produce the dopamine released after an orgasm. So now i haven’t masturbated to porn in a while, but still had little weaknesses where i’d watch porn just for a couple of minutes ( just 3 or so ).

Now i can say already after a couple of weeks of no masterbation and almost no porn, i’m already improving in real sex. I’m now able to obtain an erection while having sex ( believe it or not i, used to go soft inside her and it feels like the biggest failure ever i can assure you ). Although sex is going great i can pound away all i want, but i haven’t gotten to my orgasm yet. But patience and time will keep sensitizing my penis and brain to normal levels again, so me and  her can enjoy love.

She deserves a full functioning man and i’m responsible for that, i have given her an orgasm for the first time through cunnilingus recently, but i feel that with penetration it will be much more intense for the both of us ( i’m getting hard just thinking about it ( i wasn’t able to get hard before just thinking about it )). No porn & masturbation is already working!

Seeing a woman orgasm because of my tongue was already mind blowing but seeing her orgasm on just penetration would be out of this world. I’m looking foward on sensitizing my brain & dick again and returning to a normal state. Sex just keeps on getting better and better.

So what happens now?

I logged in to see so many questions still unanswered in my mailbox, and with followers now over 6k i just can’t seem to throw away this blog just yet. I still do like porn alot but it has had a negative spin on my life which i am correcting as we speak. I might be tempted on scrolling down to watch the dirty little things people i follow post every now and then. But apart from that i think i’m more than willing to answer questions, about ANYTHING. 

Seriously i’ve liked people asking me questions about anal, or anything butthole related. I’ve gotten alot of questions i’m willing to answer them for you and i encourage you to ask me more!

But don’t worry i still do love anal! I lick the butthole of the girl i’m seeing all the time and she doesn’t mind (lucky me) !! She doesn’t know i have an anal fetish but i’m guessing she is starting to figure it out.

Hey maybe, just maybe i’ll occasionally still be naughty and reblog or post some of the stuff we all like….

Untill then, no more porn for me….



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All cool, glad you like the blog!!!


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Love ur blog every pic or gif is awesome


Thanks! Positive comments, love them.

Lara De Santis


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hi i am want to know if you could gape my ass maybe fist me to love your blog


if ( $usergender == female ){
      $nastyanalbuttholeramming = 1;



     $nastyanalbuttholeramming = 0;


For people who don’t code, i would in fact do nasty things to your asshole if you were female… Sorry gents!


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Hi. I just have to say the Veronica Avluv shoot you posted a link to was amazing. Thank you.


Veronica Avluv is a beautiful mature woman. Glad you liked it.